V.A. Earth’s Curvature Vol. 3


December 2012

Various artists from all around the globe have sent their tracks, hard work has been put into each tune. Earth’s Curvature gives us a small taste of the music that is being produced these days, these artists all have a special touch that makes them unique. It has been great working with each and every one of them, always a fun process. This time we include a bonus disc, there was just too many good tracks we did not want to leave them out. Share and enjoy!



1.- Time Low – Punk Low (BRASIL)
2.- FafloOx – Stratosphere (GERMANY)
3.- Armin Kido Hodzic – Endless (BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA)
4.- Francois S – African Rainstorm (SOUTH AFRICA)
5.- Da Productor – Emotional Road (FRANCE)
6.- Trancylvania – Galaxy Part 1 (PORTUGAL)
7.- Luke – They say the truth (TUNISIA)
8.- Kinotrope – Tentacles (USA)
9.- Hyperthink – Stag Beetle (JAPAN)
10.-Mrdraw – Horizons (UK)
11.- Dany E – Ridiculatron (MEXICO)
12.- DA53 – MCA (BOLIVIA)
13.- Arya Shani & Rob – Rock together (INDONESIA)


1.- Renan Muniz – Penitentiary (BRASIL)
2.- Sneaky – N2u (USA)
3.- D’Mike Feat. Duo Ouro Negro – Muamba Banana & Cola (PORTUGAL)
4.- DJ Skay – Don’t Stop (MEXICO)
5.- Manuel M – Computer Sadness (FRANCE)
6.- Foodman – Breath (JAPAN)
7.- Reno – Congo Bong (MEXICO)

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