V.A. Earth’s Curvature Vol. 2


June 2012

Volume 1 was a hit, with over 300 downloads and counting, Frakschön Records proudly presents Volume 2. The album speaks for itself, it brings a series of finely produced tracks that will take you on a trip around the world. Producers from Austria, Bosnia, Bolivia, Colombia, Egypt, England, Greece, Japan, Mexico and Spain are featured on this LP.


1.- A Stritzi – Heart (AUSTRIA)
2.- Armin Kido Hodzic – Fire (BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA)
3.- Bioniq – Take a Ride (MEXICO)
4.- Cesar Chamero – Hasta que llego su Hora (SPAIN)
5.- Diodo – Our Layers (MEXICO)
6.- DJ Skay – K8 (MEXICO)
7.- Matoly – Keep it (EGYPT)
8.- Magi7ian – Mona Juke (BOLIVIA)
9.- Nunchuck Gorilla – Slight Gravity (JAPAN)
10.- ReFunct – Fruit Loops (ENGLAND)
11.- Soulblaster – E Wave (COLOMBIA)
12.- Teza Cappuccino – Acapulco (GREECE)

Free Download Link:


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