June 2016

NI-X-APRA -''Impact'' E.P.(2016)(Front Cover)

This greek producer is out of control, creating sounds that fall into many different genres and managing his own record labels, he is now part of the FR family with this Drum and Bass EP.

We have never been closed to any genre, this is proof of it. Drum and bass is well known for its percussive high bpm style. “Impact” is an album that delivers the sound you are looking for. Take the time to read more about this talented artist and label manager in his profile page.


1.- NI-X-APRA – Impact

2.- NI-X-APRA – Breather

3.- NI-X-APRA – The Visitor

4.- NI-X-APRA – Psychic Nightmare

5.- NI-X-APRA – Acid Chase

6.- NI-X-APRA – Methods of Damage