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Born in Athens Greece in May 1979. At the age of 14-16 he started playing the guitar, bass and drums. As a Metalhead (and not only) he participated in many bands from all styles (From Alternative Rock/Punk Rock/Thrash Metal/Gothic Rock and Black Death Metal) in 1997-1999  Studied Sound Engineering and in 2001-2002 studied Music Technology.

He made his own studio (step by step) to express his other love, Electronic music! A Psychedelic/Goa Trance party completed him as a musician. He started the projects ”Somnus Inc.”(Psy-Trance) & ”PhauSt”(Uplifting Trance). After a lot of experiments and listening to a lot of kinds of music he also created ”Lunar Drops”(Electro/Tech Deep House) & ”NI-X-APRA”(Jungle/Drum N’ Bass) and some projects with friends ”NonaGon”(Dark Psy-Prog”)/”DarKode”(Uplifting Trance)/AwEra(Ambient Chill-Out) and ”Brain Borders”(Psybient/Down-Tempo). Many of his projects had the chance to be released in labels from all around the world, such as Melodic Records(Colombia), Playloop Records (U.S.A), Olympik Records (Colorado U.S.A.), Plasquam (U.K.), Goa Galaxy (Bulgaria), Divinorum Recs (Brazil), Krone Records (Italy), HBR Music (Italy), Klik Records (Greece), Sunrain Records (Greece) and Music Experience Recs(Greece).

As a Dj he started playing in 2004 in private ”basement” parties and till now in many Clubs/Bars and outdoor fests in Greece.

Also the Owner of ”Hyper Vision Records” (All kinds of Psychedelic & Uplifting Trance) and ”OpteM Records” (All kinds of Electronic music). Both of them are very active all around the world!