V.A. Earth’s Curvature Vol. 1


December 2011

Earth’s Curvature is the first Long Playing album by the label. It consists of twelve fine tracks which will take you on a trip around the world, as you notice the different styles and influences of each artist/producer.


  1. Angovi – Orale ahi le va (MEXICO)
  2. Muluk – S.A.M. Research maxamp (Gordon remix) (MEXICO)
  3. Nunchuck Gorilla – Flying tubular thang (JAPAN)
  4. Alexey Zakharov – Perdulgen (RUSSIA)
  5. Mepo – Aerobics (MEXICO)
  6. DJ Sticky Icky – Deep in the dark (SWITZERLAND)
  7. Olivier Romero – Resurrection (FRANCE)
  8. MGK – Night Sigil (BOLIVIA)
  9. Dennison – Dark streak (USA)
  10. XKM – Good season (MEXICO)
  11. Angovi – Olga (MEXICO)
  12. Schallmann und Rausch – Modul (GERMANY)


DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?lpvav3x1ksbe6r7



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