DIO_DO & GRDN / Musica para drogadictos


December 2014


DIO_DO and GORDON simply have no boundaries when it comes to making music. This concept album which translates to “Music for Junkies” is carefully tailored for the average drug addict. Recorded live at Diodo’s studio and edited by Gordon, eight tracks designed specially for the junkie living inside you craving a higher dose of madness. Listen to this auditory drug and get high on music.


1.- DIO_DO & GRDN – Alto como un papalote (high as a kite)

2.- DIO_DO & GRDN – Dame otra tacha porque no me pegó

3.- DIO_DO & GRDN – Mátalas con una sobredosis de ternura

4.- DIO_DO & GRDN – Mi papá llegó borracho a la casa y le está pegando a mi mamá

5.- DIO_DO & GRDN – No me contesta el dealer

6.- DIO_DO & GRDN – Piedra

7.- DIO_DO & GRDN – Ribotron loqueron

8.- DIO_DO & GRDN – Yo no me drogo, solo me inyecto mariguana



Listen to the first single


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