Mexican NetLabels, into the future of music.

Digital is the new black. Using social networks, cloud storage, digital advertisements and other online/electronic tools is now a must in the music industry. Mexico is not behind in the game, we also want a piece of the pizza (or pie if you’re a pie lover). We present here 3 of our favourite NetLabels based in Mexico and operating worldwide:


1.- NECRONOMIPOP: Founded by Rev. Joshua Brandon, this label has worked with artists from other major labels like WARP, Leaving Records, Ninja Tune, amongst others. They have released very original material and have organized awesome events, always making sure to provide the full audiovisual experience for their attendees. Some of the artists they have worked with are Renobeats, DJ Blizz, D/P/I, Matthew David and Tarana, just to name a few.


2.- FINESSE: Based in Monterrey and D.F. this label has a wide variety of artists that fill any dancefloor they hit. They have worked with “Teen Flirt“, who has appeared on Boiler Room, Cruz Lee who is also a producer for “Fantasma Films“, Future Den, Adrian Be, 10010 and many more. Also involved in the organization of events, they have worked with XXYYXX, their already famous “Haunted Decks” (a thrilling Halloween Party) and more to come.


3.- EXTASIS: It is hard to describe (and that is a good thing) the essence of this NetLabel, we liked this info found on their Facebook Page “Based on UnderWeb Micro-Comunities Diggin’ on Phuture-Era Sound Phenomena”, It is operated by LAO, who also collaborates with NAAFI (a record label that operates a lot more out of the digital world) and also by “Jack’ie Lo”. They recently released their “2014 Summer Compilation“, which includes tracks by Gordon (our first son), DJ Hotmale (a personal favourite), Smurphy, Wasted Fates, and other international artists. Make sure to check it out!


It is kind of ironic that this article is written in English being about Mexican NetLabels. We know, it’s for our friends outside Mexico who need to know about the great work that is being done over here.


We are pochos y que? Gracias por leer, por apoyar a los proyectos nacionales, por compartir lo bueno y por escuchar buena musica. Much Love!


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