HIROOKI HISAMATSU on Earth’s Curvature 5


Bio by Hirooki Hisamatsu
“Born in 1974.  from Tokyo Japan.
Late 20’s is attracted after bassist experience in a flat, Hard rock, Loudrock, Rock-based various bands including the mixture from the junior high school.

Be fascinated by a Progressive Trance, the culture of the Psychedelic Trance and then He switched  to the side directing a party as VJ.
Now He is doing as designer, as also VJ, and song composer.
This man is the depicter who are not limited to a genre and the field now.”

His track titled “SESERAGI” is number 5 on the Album, Get your free download here!



NIXON HERO on Earth’s Curvature 5


From his Facebook Page:

“DJ and electronic music producer, graduated from the best school of electronic music of Brazil International Academy of Electronic Music (AIMEC) Unit Campinas São Paulo,

Nixon Hero bets on which acquire their knowledge to the period of his career, listed as a revelation for many had passed through Great raves and had the opportunity of showing their work in one of the biggest festivals of Campinas (SP) Soundmoe special edition with the attraction of international dedicated and top DJ and producer and Neelix Live-music (Germany).

It also has a unique repertoire and full of blast that your audience emprensiona played every track in your set works in conjunction with the track thus making anyone stand still.”

Check out his track “Confusion”! Download it on Earth’s Curvature 5