Straight from Germany, Sven Holstein aka Fafloox participates on the third edition of Earth’s Curvature. His work is outstanding as it reflects his experience in the electronic music field. Not only has he contributed with his track “Stratosphere” for the compilation, he has also remixed a few tracks by Gordon like “90’s Revival” and “Usain Bolt”. He is now a very good friend of the label and we are proud to announce that we will be releasing an EP soon. Stay tuned for more information on Fafloox, Earth’s Curvature and his upcoming EP.


Here’s a short bio taken from his Soundcloud page:

” Wished his first keyboard at the age of 10. Driven by the early sounds of the 90s FafloOx found his love, electronic music. Started making music with a Roland MC 303. He was inspired particularly by artists like Emmanuel Top, Josh Wink, and Rob Acid. “

His Remixes


Here is a preview of “Stratosphere” featured on Earth’s Curvature 3


You can download the full album FREE, just click the following link:



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