Armin Kido Hodzic featured on Earth’s Curvature 2


Bio from his soundcloud:

“Armin Hodzic aka Kido (October 9th, 1992) based in Lukavac (Bosnia & Herzegovina).Through my life I have always been connected to music.I found out about Reason software from my older brother and my adiction to music started from that moment.I was only 13 years old when I had my firs touch with producing. At that time I was more into Hip Hop so I became a Hip hop vocal and producer.When I turned 15 I started to atend local Electronic music events and fel in love with House music.I stared to produce House music instead of of Hip Hop.Then I discovered Virtual DJ software and got into DJ-ing.When I turned 18 I quit producing Hip Hop and continued to produce House music.I signed my first track and then I realy got into producing and DJ-ing.I was suport by all local DJ’s from the very begining and that helped me a lot.A lot of releases are out and many more are comming and my music is getting better and better from track to track so stay tuned for new sounds.”

This “kido” sent his track titled “Fire” to participate on EC2, frakschön’s semestral compilation, only the best artists from around the planet. Be sure to check out the album, get a free copy HERE.


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