Here We Are!

Lots of releases, lots of new artists, LOTS OF WORK!

There has been two releases lately that, if you haven’t had the time to download, the time is now.


New upcoming artist, young DJ and Producer DJ SKAY has made his debut with the label with his first EP titled “Party Dogs“, this Ep will definitely get you up and dancing. There is no doubt about this kid, he’s got it all, he is on the rise, DJing at the best parties and always coming up with new sounds. Just take a listen at his work and you will know what we mean. Check out his Soundcloud here!



If you are familiar with the label, you may have been around when we released the first volume. Earth’s Curvature is Frakschön’s main project at the moment, a compilation of music from artists all around the globe. Artists are encouraged to send in their tracks and participate in this semestral LP release. Producers from Austria, Bolivia, Bosnia, Colombia, Egypt, England, Japan, Greece, Mexico and Spain all participate in the second edition of this project. Earth’s Curvature 2 is out and free to download. Support the new talent that is out there guys! Make sure to get your free copy and tell all your friends about it.




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