Valley 707

Gordon has done it again!

Today we present to you his latest EP “Valley 707”. Fresh tracks for your listening pleasure, suitable for diverse occasions. Once you hear these tunes, you’ll know what we’re talking about. As usual, the download is FREE. Don’t forget to tell your neighbor about it!

Here’s the link:



Earth’s Curvature Volume II

Volume 1 was a hit! Now get ready for the second edition of EARTH’S CURVATURE, a project by Frakschön Records. The idea is to gather music from all around the globe, pure and raw talent. Present it to the audience in a compilation, it has become a platform in which artist and producers can express their music and let their names be heard by the demanding community.

Volume 2 is in the oven and will be fully cooked by june/july. It will include tracks from some very interesting artists. Germany, Egypt, Bosnia, England, Austria and other countries are just some of homelands of the participants which will proudly represent their nation. If you are interested in participating, feel free to send us a message, contact us by any means.