Gordon’s NEW EP!

Space dark sounds, musical massacre’s, live recordings, remixes and contributions from other talented artists is what comes bundled in GORDON‘s new EP “Hóla soy Gordon. No soy alguien más.” This album is now available for you to download. Completely free!

Check it out now!


1.- Gordon – Masacre Musical

2.- Gordon & Diodo – Usala

3.- Muluk – S.A.M. Research Maxamp (Gordon Remix)

4.- Gordon – Gordon Freeman

5.- Gordon – Tyrone’s Castle

Download link



… not over yet!

Earth’s Curvature is a completely free compilation of music put together by Frakschön Records and all of the involved artists for you. We believe in promoting good music, and bringing it to the people at no charge. Although, our team has put a ton of hard work into this project, so if you enjoy it, we’d love it if you’d make sure and spread the word, share the link, promote the artists on social networks, etc. Every download, “like” and recommendation counts, whether it’s just one or a thousand “likes” on Facebook…

We would like to thank the talented musicians who have allowed us to include them on this compilation of our most beloved sounds; to the fans, bloggers and communities who have shared Earth’s Curvature LP and to the listeners who have experienced this voyage with us by downloading the compilation. The journey is not over yet!

Frakschön’s DJ: Renobeats

A company friend, House DJ and soon to become producer, Rodolfo is a great asset to Frakschön, his entrepreneurship and creativity have helped us grow in numerous ways and we are thrilled to work with him on upcoming projects.

Keep in touch for more information on new gigs and material releases. Hope you all have a great week!

Mepo hangs out with the right crowd!

Apologies for our absence! We are back strong with new stuff from one of our talented artists here at Frakschön Records.

Mepo (aka Jalex23) hangs out with the right crowd… He has collaborated with Diodo (“ya es la 1 ft. Diodo“) as well as Angovi (“Dubstunk ft. Angovi“).

His alternative project include songs like “Aerobics“, featured on the Album Earth’s Curvature and can be downloaded completely free here. His digital-experimental style is basically a wave of quiet, ambient, gloomy beats so, while you’re rocking the EP playlist, check out “Aerobics“, (original version of the track) as well as the rest of the artists from Frakschön Records.