Angovi’s Olga

Artist: Angovi

Title: Olga

Label: Frakschön Records

The music video for “Olga” features continuous shots filmed from the window of a moving train passing through tunnels and at the train station; there are also images of people, lights, some buildings and objects, such as the railroad. It is an attempt to portrait and represent those elements epitomized in Angovi’s song.

Olga is track number #11 and it is (of course!) included in the compilation album Earth’s Curvature … and you can download it completely free!

We hope you enjoy Angovi‘s track while you look out the window of this speeding vehicle…

 Fan Video by Akari Suki – Angovi’s Olga.

Track featured on Frakschön Records’ Earth’s Curvature.


Something different for the weekend

We are back… with another original by DJ Sticky Icky titled “Deep In The Dark”, featured on Frakschön Records compilation album Earth’s Curvature, of course!

DJ Sticky Icky manages to create a very particular track by merging irregular sounds into a smooth, enigmatic atmosphere, with a fascinating groove and intense beats. “Deep In The Dark” has some interesting variations that even when they are a bit different in style, very much stick together through mesmerizing loops and up-beat sounds.

You can download this and other sweet beats, mixes and goodies completely free so… here you go; relaxation for this weekend at its best!