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Take a deep breath and… relax

Ethereal, daydreaming, versatile, soothing, dynamic … these are only a few words that will come to your mind when you listen to Muluk’s “S.A.M. Research Maxamp (Gordon Remix)”, featured on the album Earth’s Curvature.

You can download the album here… if you want to treat your ears with some great tunes, of course.

Thanks to everybody who listened (and downloaded) the album already, enjoy the weekend and be safe!

Must listen…

Track #7 of the bi-annual compilation album Earth’s Curvature, we find Olivier Romero; a French DJ and Producer who “died a few months ago, resurrected, and now lives among the undead” – his words. Here we present this astonishing track “Resurrection”, which even though is a very energetic track, it can also be a little mellow at times.

Remember, you can download this and several cool tracks featured on Frakschön Records compilation album, Earth’s Curvature,  so give this song a listen! We are sure you will love it and that’s why we’ve decided to share the fan video with you as well… enjoy!

Fan Video by EDS – Olivier Romero’s Resurrection.

Track featured on Frakschön Records’ Earth’s Curvature.

SOPA? No gracias, gimme Tacos!

So everybody started to panic when Megaupload went down. I must admit it, we got a little disappointed knowing people could not download the compilation anymore. However, here at Frakschön Records we know how important it is to be up to date with the best music. So we have Re-uploaded the album now with additional material such as the artwork! Be sure to download this great selection of music, stay tuned for more info on upcoming events and music releases.ön_Records_.rar

More music!

New things are on the way, Earth’s Curvature second volume. ep’s by Angovi, DiOdO, Dipendra, house label parties and much more. Stay tuned for more updates on the Label and its artists. Send us your demo, track, idea or any suggestion in general. Check out the Contact page as well as all the other tabs on the site! Good vibes!

Photo by DiOdO